Content Services In Duabi

Content Services In Duabi

Content  Services In Dubai:

Content Delivery (main category):

Bringing an image, an idea, a thought process to life requires skill, creativity and understanding. At Emirates Content,
we combine these three elements to create solutions that define your company. From graphic design, branding and advertising,
social media, mobile and web applications to web content, translation and copywriting, Emirates Content offers end-to-end solutions
that assist in achieving your organization’s goals.

Our team comprises highly qualified professionals in various domains who bring with them a wealth of experience in the government
and private sectors. Our team understands your needs and utilizes the knowledge of core domain processes and industry standards to
ensure your website, social media pages, mobile app or brochure address your business concerns.
Content delivery networks
A content delivery network (CDN) places files in different locations so that the person using your webpage can receive the nearest
copy of it faster.
If you are considering a CDN this page will help you out by showing the steps required and defining the terms used (which can be confusing).
No matter what content delivery company you are thinking of using this page will give you a more in-depth look at CDNs in general so you can
make an informed decision.

Does your site need a CDN?
Content delivery networks are part of an overall website strategy, but they are not a first step to take when improving your site.
It is important to ensure you are doing all the things you can do before taking on the cost and complication of a content delivery network.
I would honestly say that there is a set of priorities for most websites:

Make your site amazing for your users
Improve the pagespeed of your site
Make your site mobile friendly
Decide on if a CDN can further help

Some types of sites will almost always benefit from a CDN:

Sites streaming large video files
Sites which consist of mainly large media files like image sites
Sites which have known heavy traffic in different countries

Some sites almost never need a CDN:

Local business sites (restaurants, beauty parlors, etc.)
Sites that have their main traffic in one geographic area or region