Digital Marketing Agency In Dubai & UAE

Digital Marketing Agency In Dubai & UAE
Social Media Management:
Emirates content offers social media services that aim at preparing organizations to leverage the power of social media channels to achieve their strategic objectives. This includes:

-- Developing a new social media strategy: 
social media strategy development aiming at finding out how social media can contribute to achieving the corporate vision and strategic objectives of organizations to ensure that its presence on social media channels and the investments that it requires are aligned with its corporate objectives and values.

--Developing a new social media policy: 
The social media policy aims at ensuring that organizations’ staff are using social media in a way that contributes to the achievement of its social media strategy, and also minimize and possible risks related to social media.

--Managing social media accounts: 
Emirates Content dedicates a team to handle organizations’ accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other possible social media channels on daily basis. This will include the following:

- Developing a monthly calendar for the content to be shared on these accounts.

- Developing the actual content to be shared (text, images, Videos).

- Sharing the content on daily basis.

- Responding to the inquires from the audience in coordination with the organization’s business units.

- Developing various performance report on the performance of the accounts and discussing them with the organization’s management.

Digital Marketing Services

- Social Media Strategy.
- Social Media Channel Design, Set-up and Management.
- Social Media Policy Design and Implementation.
- Social Media Marketing and Advertising – Strategy, Design and Management.
- Social Influencer Engagement.
- Developing (and producing) Social Media Content Calendars.
- Social Media Community Management.
- Social Media Crisis Management.
- Social Media Advertising.
- Social Media Reporting and Analytics